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Using creativity as a powerful tool to facilitate learning and cultivate good work.


Top 3 Tips

  1. Just draw! Most people don’t think they can draw, but even a simple stick person can communicate the most complex of ideas


  1. Shake up your notetaking. You remember more information when complimenting words with simple drawings, when taking notes in meetings think about just capturing the key ideas and illustrate around them.


  1. When hanging paper on the wall don’t tape it on the corner (what most people do) but tape one piece vertically on top and one piece horizontally on the side. This will greatly reduce the likelihood of the paper falling off the wall.

Please explain what is meant by Graphic Recording

Graphic Recording is a process where (typically) I stand in front of a 4 x 8 foot paper wall and capture with markers and pastels information presented at conferences, meetings, seminars and more.


Which types of businesses is Graphic Recording ideal for?

Anyone who wants to advance their ideas. Graphic recording is a way to visually map out complex concepts and ideas. The infomural acts as an accountability tool that allows people to refer back to and help them remember information and act on the information.


Please explain what is Visual Content and how it can be used.

People process visuals 60,000 times faster than text so it’s understandable that we need to incorporate images and drawings in your daily work life. If visual language doesn’t come natural to you (at first) you can think about how you can easily transition it into your life. This may be using previously drawn out templates for note taking, meeting discussion, summaries, etc.


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What is the purpose of Visual Video?

There is something captivating about watching someone draw. Since 80% of people are visual learners and we our memory retention increases by 42% when using visual language it makes good business sense to incorporate visuals in a video format for people to remember your message.


What advice would you give to small businesses interested in exploring the concept of visual and graphics delivery?

Think about how you consume information best and reflect on that. Most likely you are visual leaner so think about how your consumer or ideal client can understand what you have to offer and how you can express that not in just text but in images that can explain that benefits.


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