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Top 3 ‘Video’ tips


1 Start with what you have.  You don’t need fancy equipment to start making videos, or from blocking you to start.


2 Keep your video shorts between 1-3 minutes, you want your audience to watch your whole video and stay right to the end.


3 Make sure you use good light. If you don’t have access to lights, film with natural light or go outside and film.

Susan Jimenez

Please outline a strategy for creating a video/video series/webinar


Every online video you create has a different format and strategy to follow. Also, it depends on what’s your goal for that video, what’s the purpose of making that video?

Though there’s a simple format that you can use for all your videos:

  • Know who your audience is? Who are you speaking to?
  • Determine what content you’ll like to make, and what you’ll like to accomplish?
  • Decide where your content will be shared. Choose the platform you’ll like to focus on.


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What are the key technical requirements for beginners to be aware of when starting to make videos?


If you’re just getting started with video, it’s best to start with small steps and don’t try to jump into new equipment because you think your videos will look better or get more views. So this can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. I say, stick to keep it simple.


So I highly recommend all my clients to start working with what they own, if they only have a smartphone, that totally fine, just about every smartphone has a fantastic build in camera, and they offer easy free editing apps.


Though if you want to take the extra step and do some editing yourself, you can use free editing software such as: iMovie if you’re on a Mac and Media Maker if you’re on a PC.


Keep in mind that it’s best to spend some extra time on your message, what you’re going to be filming, using good lighting, and so on. Rather than trying to fix it all when you need to edit your video. That way you can skip all the technical hurdles (at least for now) and concentrate on delivering a good video with a clear message. You can always purchase new equipment once you find your style or start making videos on a regular basis.


How does one deal with nervousness of being in front of the camera?


Ah yes, this is the question everyone asks about! And if it’s ever a thought that has passed through your mind, it’s totally normal. You are not alone and we’ve all have had that fear of getting in front of the camera. I’ve had to deal it with too and still need to from time to time. Too many of us female entrepreneurs are not making videos because we are too caught up in the thought of what people will say when they see us on video. Just the thought of getting in front of the camera makes as cringe and run away from the room. If you ever feel this way, just remember that people watching your videos are not looking at your flaws but are there to listen to you, learn from you. They are going to appreciate seeing your video and getting to know you a little more from watching you speak.


So despite the fear you may have of what others may say or how you may sound or look, please don’t let that stop you from sharing your message to the world and making videos.


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Everyone has different ways to deal with fear but here are some tips:


  • Stop judging yourself and caring what others may have to say about you.
  • Forget about wanting to please everyone, stick to your people, they will get you.
  • Know what’s your message, practise before you start recording and believe in it.


Even if you thoroughly prepare, how do you gracefully deal with things that may go wrong on a live feed?


Whether you’re doing live streaming or not, you have to be prepared that there is big chance things may go wrong with the video. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how you well prepared in advance with your production – you can’t control the internet connection, computer crashing, batteries dying in the middle of your takes, an ambulance driving by or the neighbour’s dog barking every time you start speaking.


Having said that, it’s good to be flexible and have a backup plan, such as an production list of all the things you may need, an extra set of batteries and memory card for recording, make sure you record your videos in a familiar place, and if possible at your own place so you can always re-shoot a scene if things go wrong. Bear in mind that working with video usually takes double the time you expected to take, so make sure to included extra time for all the hip ups.  


How does one balance the written word with video content on one’s website/blog?


Back in the days, your videos would support your blog posts. These days your video can be the complete article, and no text to very little text needed. Though this goes back to who is your audience and what style of website or blog you have because if they like to read your long posts, they most likely not be interested in watching your video. If it’s a how-to video or demonstration video, then the combination of the video and written post go well together.


There’s no right or wrong answer, it’s a matter of you experimenting and see how your audience interacts with your post. They will let you know if they love your videos because they’ll ask to see more. The again, they might also need more time before they start responding to your videos.


Introducing videos to your posts is a great way to attract a wider audience and to let your audience see another side of you that they normally can’t through just reading your posts. Besides, if you want to boost your visibility and bring more traffic to your site, then you’ll want to start adding videos.


Susan Jimenez


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