Hello! I’m Anureet and I help 5-9ers balance their businesses with their careers



I started my web design business in the summer of 2015 after being pushed by my sister to do something meaningful in the evenings after work.


To be honest, I resisted at first, but then to prove I could do it, I started researching business options. I knew I wanted something online based and ideally creative and techy. I found a couple of really good course providers teaching about web design and development and gave them a go. Then because I’d invested in the courses, I knew I had to see this through. I set up a private limited company (that’s money on the table) and set about finding clients.


Well. I was in for a bit of shock. There is so much conflicting advice about how to build a business. And finding clients – not just any old clients – but dream clients, who I really wanted to work with – was a lot harder than I had anticipated.


The online entrepreneurial world is something else. I didn’t even know this parallel universe existed really – I mean I’d been a consumer but didn’t really give it much thought. There’s so much to do! So much to learn! So many great things to find out about! With my head buzzing full of ideas, the following symptoms appeared: FOMO and SOS.



FOMO = Fear of Missing Out



SOS = Shiny Object Syndrome



So many great courses out there! Where shall I start? What should I do?


I ended up spending half of my takings last year on courses and apps and products and books that I thought I needed, but really didn’t. That’s not to say these were not good courses/apps/products…they just weren’t suitable for me and my business. But it wasn’t only my money I’d invested. I had spent so many hours studying courses and reading books.


It seemed I was working around the clock, job, business, courses, books – so much so that I was not really focused on anything, I didn’t pay attention to my health (I even ran into a closed patio door – ouch!) and I ended up in hospital with migraines and exhaustion.


I’ve created a program I wish I had when I started out because having something to sell and an internet connection is not enough.


I’d like to have had someone who had experience of building a business around a job and who could demonstrate what was essential to focus on and where I could save time and money.


The 5-9er® is the product of spending hours and hours Googling, making some mistakes and making some good choices. I’ve included some useful ‘5-9er specific’ tips as well. If you have a passion project or a hobby business or even that your ultimate goal is to transition to full time self employment; I can guide you through the main steps you need to successfully launch your side business.


Instead of a ‘trial and error’ approach, save yourself a lot of time, money, wrong turns and wasted effort by learning from someone who has built a business they love, around a career they choose to keep – that’s me.Save

For an Investment of £25:



What you get: Helpful Printables and Workbooks for you to work through step by step to help boost your new business strategy.


Building the Foundations – things to consider and let’s just started!

The What and the Why – all about you…get clear on what you are doing and why

Target Market – who you want to serve

Packages & Pricing – how to beautifully price your offering

Branding – what it is and how to create your brand

Marketing – what to consider

Websites – whether you are going to DIY or hiring a pro, learn the basics of web design

Finances – know the basics

Working Smart – remember to take care of yourself

Launch basics


I am find the entrepreneurial journey to be a ‘work in progress’, something that’s always evolving. After a year of web design, I’m now pivoting my business to offer help with Branding and DIY websites because this fits in better with my lifestyle.


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