“It’s incredible how much an hour of dedicated attention and a good conversation can impact your confidence and your business.
The feedback and suggestions Anureet gave me were just what I needed to find the courage to redirect my business and to have a more aligned and authentic message to communicate with my audience.
She’s an insightful person and a delight to talk to.
If you’re considering getting a quick and valuable piece of advice on your business, don’t think twice; you have found the right person.”
Ana Sofia Batista

Clinical Psychologist, Ana Sofia

“For a couple of months,I had been struggling to put together my desire to help creatives with a profitable and enjoyable service.  I had three avenues I could potentially take, but within a few minutes of speaking with Anureet, she noticed how my face lit up when speaking about photography
Anureet helped me to sift through my passions for photography, possible directions to take my biz, and homework before our next session to confirm my goals and set actionable steps to build a business.  I would not hesitate recommending Anureet.”
LeAnn Rodriguez

Photographer, Blogger, SweetNSnarks

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