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Top 3 Podcast tips


  • Make sure you are creating something of value that your audience will want to listen to. YOU are the driver of your podcast, it’s YOU they are going to be engaging with… no pressure! You need to be interesting, friendly and make friends with your listener. Remember it’s a one to one conversation and listeners become loyal to their hosts, so you are embarking on a special relationship building exercise. This applies not only to what you have to say but also the sound quality too. There is no excuse to make a poor sounding podcast, just because we all have access to recording equipment. You don’t have to spend a fortune to sound good.
  • Have an objective for making your podcast so you can monitor your progress and review how you are doing along the way. Podcasting is a passion and it takes time and effort. You need to know what you are doing and why, so you enjoy it. Also make sure you understand that whilst podcasting will add value to what you’re offering, it’s not going to instantly make you money.
  • Make sure you have worked out who you are talking to and when you’re planning your content think of what the listener will take away from each episode as you are able to give them a call to action either directing them to a freebie or a facebook group. You are aiming to keep your community engaged and to keep listening so tease what’s coming up in the next episode also.

Where does one begin with starting a Podcast series?

Know your audience. Would they listen? Do they engage in social media? Think about your ‘niche’ what sets you apart in what you are going to be saying on your podcast. Do some research to see whether something similar exists – look in iTunes / Soundcloud / Stitcher. There are a number of questions you need to address before you start. Who is your audience? What are your objectives for the podcast?

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What are the main tools you recommend for creating and publishing a Podcast?

Good content and a good mic. My colleague Emma has a great blog on mic choice https://medium.com/@artofpodcast/the-best-microphone-to-record-a-podcast-c13ca7b9fe4#.thfvbxpa4

To record if you have a mac, you can record straight into garage band or you can download a free programme called Audacity, for both Mac and PC. You could start using your computer mic to see if you are able to just chat about your chosen subject before purchasing a mic. If you’re going for it and have a mic, should be able to plug it into your computer and you’re ready to hit record. Make sure you are in a quiet environment.  You will then need to edit your content – which is where I can help as it’s a skill in itself. Once you have an audio file you then have to publish an RSS feed to submit to platforms such as ITunes.

There is a lot more involved in the publishing of a podcast – so it’s best to try and get started on planning your content and then recording some audio to see if you enjoy it and then work with someone like me to launch you.


What are the advantages of a Podcast over other content formats?

Podcasting is intimate. Most people listen on their phones, using earphones so you are literally in someone’s earhole. Whilst video content needs you to watch it, audio is so versatile you can listen whilst on your commute, walking your dog, at the gym. This means as an content maker you have an extremely captive audience. Podcasting is a brilliant tool for communicating with your audience and creates evergreen content, which will enhance your social media strategy.

Podcasting is a brilliant tool for communicating with your audience and creates evergreen content, which will enhance your social media strategy. Click To Tweet


How frequently should you publish a Podcast?

It depends on how often you have something worthwhile to share. It’s better a brilliant podcast monthly than a boring one weekly.


What advice would you give to someone who wants to learn more about Podcast production?

Have a conversation with someone in podcasting about what you are intending to do before you start. I’m working with a brilliant Podcast coach who offers 1-2-1 coaching packages, so get in touch and we can have a chat about what you are hoping to do and we get you started.

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