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Top 3 Facebook tips


  1. Be fun, social, chatty and approachable
  1. Show up daily, be worth sharing/talking about
  1. Be authentic, the real you.

Fiona Hague

What is the Facebook algorithm? Can it be ‘manipulated’?

The Facebook algorithm is the mathematical wizardry that works behind the scenes to decide what we all see on our newsfeed.   Facebook like any good business wants the customer experience to be a fabulous one. As a result, they are constantly changing the algorithm – which is a bit of a pain if you are using Facebook for your business.

Like most things like this manipulation might work for a little while. Put out really great content that people want to share and talk about is always the best way, no matter how often the algorithm changes

Customers have told Facebook they want more from their friends and family and less from business. Therefore that is what is seen on your newsfeed. Having friends and family share your content therefore is golden.


Customers have told Facebook they want more from their friends and family and less from business Click To Tweet


What are the differences between Facebook Personal Profiles, Pages and Groups and when is it appropriate to use these?

Facebook personal profiles are purely for personal use. Some people are tempted to use a personal profile for their business to get more engagement but I would advise strongly against this for a whole range of reasons. In face I wrote a blog post about it you can see it here http://www.straightforwardwebdesign.co.uk/blog/no-personal-profiles-please

Pages are for the purpose of business, cause, celebrities, public figures etc. these have taken the biggest hit from algorithm changes. You can use Groups for business, friends, actual real life groups anything. They are great for bringing people together and building community.

I would normally suggest that a business has a page and at least one group where a more intimate conversation can take place.


What type of content should be created and published to increase engagement? What frequency should we publish?

Things that people will want to share and comment on. You have to try some things and see what works for your audience. The better you know your audience, the easier this will be. Things to try are really good hints and tips that people will want to share, behind the scenes getting to know you and your business and photos work well. As well as photos of your little helpers, fur babies and human little ones especially if they are helping you with your work. If you support other people with Business Pages inviting people to share their page would normally get a great response. Questions can be great to start a conversation – make it easy short answers and they don’t have to be business related questions. Keep the conversations flowing by sharing a bit of yourself and answering the questions too.

Posting frequently is highly recommended as only about a quarter of your page fans will see your post. Once a day is a good rule of thumb. You could make it slightly more or less to suit your own situation.


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Is Facebook always the best social media platform to use?

What a great question. Facebook is the most widely used platform of the 1.03 billion mobile daily active users (source zephoria.com). It is very likely that your ideal customer is there and probably there a lot. Exceptions include businesses aimed at very corporate clients where Linked In is almost certainly the best place to be and possibly if your target market was not online at all, not sure who has a business like that though.

If you have a strong following, ask them if they use Facebook. If you are still building your fan base, try it and see and as you come across your ideal client ask them where on social media they like to hang out.


If you have a strong following, ask them if they use Facebook Click To Tweet


Please outline how to best navigate Facebook etiquette, outlining accepted and required rules and regulations we should be aware about.

Facebook is all about social, it is where people come to talk to their friends and catch up with the people they care about. Fit in with this they will be happy to tolerate and may even enjoy your business if you come across as friendly, fun and encourage people to share or attend with friends.

Groups are a great way to engage with lots of people. Each group has its own rules, set by the group owner. Learn them and follow them. Join other people’s groups, join in the conversation. Look for people who are asking questions and who you can help, and do so. The best groups and pages have a fabulous supportive community be part of it. Give value first and use that to build relationships.


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