Starting a new business around your 9-5? Let me hold your hand.


You can fill the time outside of your regular job with meaningful, income-generating work.


If you want to build a business you love around your regular full- or part-time job, you’re a 5-9er (as you’re most likely cramming your entrepreneurial activities into the hours between 5 pm and 9 pm).

Starting a new business is tough. You may need help:


  • Defining your services/products
  • Identifying your target market
  • Pricing your offering
  • Branding your business
  • Marketing your business


And there’s plenty of resources out there to help you do that. But those people don’t understand you. They’re made for people who are either 100% focussed on their business, or are working towards quitting a day job so they can soon be 100% focussed on their business.

Whatever your reason for wanting to keep the day job, that doesn’t have to stop you from running your own business. You can build a business you love, around your existing work commitments, and stay sane in the process – let me help you with that.


I’m Anureet, and I help women launch new businesses they can work around their existing work commitments.

I’m 17 years into my successful corporate career as a qualified accountant, I have a business degree, professional accountancy qualification, postgraduate certificate in financial management, and I’ve helped my parents run their small retail business.

(*BA (Hons) Business Administration | FCCA | PgCert Financial Management.  linkedin)

From corporate careerist to successful 5-9er, via A&E


I love my career, but I developed a hankering for my own business after seeing the fulfillment it gave my parents. I love art, creativity and technology and those things weren’t well exercised in my day job as an accountant. But I didn’t want to abandon a career I had invested so much time and energy into, and I was still enjoying it. So I decided to become a 5-9er, someone who runs a business alongside their regular job.

To combine my love of creativity and tech, I became a web designer (I studied and practised, I didn’t just wake up one day, emerge from beneath my duvet and realise that overnight I had learned to build websites). I am now helping entrepreneurs and bloggers with their branding and DIY Websites, as well as creative lovely graphics for sale on Creative Market and Etsy.

I was loving the responsibility of working beginning to end on a project, delivering something of value, and helping other women launch their businesses.

And then I made a mistake. I thought if I wanted to be a web designer I needed to know everything. I needed to be a graphic designer, a copywriter, an online marketing specialist and more. I thought I needed to offer a broader range of services, study more, work harder, and spend more time marketing myself on Facebook.

I was thinking like a full-time entrepreneur because I was listening to and learning from other full-time entrepreneurs.

But I didn’t have every waking hour to work on my business. I had evenings and weekends. And so, inevitably, as I worked harder, and longer, stretching myself thinner and thinner, I made myself so ill I ended up in the hospital.

With guidance from my business and health coaches, I was able to get a better balance, and now I run a successful boutique web development business, alongside working full-time as a qualified accountant.


I want to help you launch your new business, around your existing work commitments, without burning yourself out, grinding yourself down, or wearing yourself thin.


You can be a successful 5-9er.

I can help you:

  • Design a business that works around your 9-5.
  • Focus your time, energy and money into developing the aspects that will get your business up and running as quickly as possible.
  • Identify which courses and qualifications you actually need (good news – you don’t need to know everything).
  • Develop marketing strategies that work for your business while you’re out at work.
  • Use your evenings and weekends to the best effect.
  • Balance your job + your new business with the rest of your life.







“Although I knew I wanted to run my own freelance development business, I had no direction as to who I wanted to service as my clients or how to get started. After recently joining Savvy Business Owners Facebook group I found Anureet Sra. We quickly connected and I scheduled a time for her “Power Hour” session. The name itself does not express how “powerful” the session really was! I was provided with clear instructions on what I needed to do in order to jump start my business and left the session with tons of resources, valuable contacts and newfound confidence. I can’t impress enough how much I really enjoyed it. Thank you Anureet for all you do!”

Shereta Dupree

Freelance Web Developer, Passion Crush Code

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