5-9er Interview: Catherine Davies

What is your “day job” and how many hours do you work in a week?

I am a director at a healthcare regulator and I work full time.


What is your business? (What do you sell/who do you serve and why?)

I mentor busy mums so they feel empowered, confident and positive in the way they lead their family lives and their professional lives, in the way they connect with their children, their partners and themselves. I offer the support, guidance and inspiration I wish I’d been able to find earlier in my career.


For how many years have you run a business alongside your regular job?

I started mentoring women as part of my day job as a member of the executive team. This year I started running it alongside the day job.


Why did you decide to start a business?

My day job involves making a healthcare system work better – sometimes I felt a bit remote from the end user! So I wanted to do something that helps individuals achieve tangible results. And I wanted to have some fun by creating something of my own.


In your first 6 months of starting your business, please list out the top 3 pain points you struggled with:

  • Offering something tangible for people to buy
  • Getting out from behind my computer to promote my work
  • Figuring out what prices to charge


How did you overcome these pain points?

I packaged my offer up into a program that offered heaps of value and was easy for people to say: “Yes! I want that! Here’s my money”. I started talking about my program at every opportunity! I worked out a sensible amount to charge and found the courage to tell potential that’s how much it costs!


How good are you at delegating tasks to others?

Pretty good but I wanted to bring in revenue from my business before I started delegating too much.


Do you feel you have a good balance between your job, business and personal life. If yes, how did you achieve this? If no – why not?

Yes! I love having lots going on and I am so grateful to be able to do all the things I do! I am happily married with twin boys, a horse, a day job and the business! I used to feel out-of-control busy, like being on a crazy hamster wheel! I stepped off, paused and learned to focus on what I wanted from my life. I took action to make those things happen and focussed on being totally present when doing any one thing. I’m very lucky!


What are your top 3 tips for people starting a business alongside their regular jobs?

  1. Choose a business you are really passionate about. You’ll need that passion to carry you through the times when you are tired and feeling distracted or challenged!!
  2. Set yourself some goals, broken down to little steps so you know where you’re going and celebrate your small wins along the way
  3. Do it consistently – try to do something small every day even when you aren’t in the mood!


If you could change one thing about your start up process when you started your business what would that be?

I would have started ages ago! I got a bit distracted by things I thought I had to do – website, right font, right logo etc. Just doing your thing and offering your services is the way forward.


Do you have plans to transition to full time business owner? Why?

Great question! I don’t know! I am open to whatever opportunities the Universe sends my way!


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