5-9er Interview: Amy Jackson

What is your “day job” and how many hours do you work in a week?

I’ve worked for the past 17 years as an athletic trainer performing a variety of tasks for the physical therapy company I work for.  Yep! That’s right…all 17 years with the same company.  I’ve covered sporting events, after school athlete care, teaching, receptionist, work conditioning, rehab, office director…basically you name it, I’ve done it!  My hours have varied over the years.  Currently, it’s a 40 hour/week gig, but I’ve put in as many as 50 in a week at times.

What is your business? (What do you sell/who do you serve and why?)

My side hustle is www.LearnBlogPhotography.com.  I teach entrepreneurs and bloggers how to improve their website photos without the need for expensive stock photos, using any camera they have.  Smartphone to DSLR, doesn’t matter! I love that most of my members want to rely on their cell phones which has brought me the tag line “No fancy camera required”!

Currently, I don’t offer anything for a fee, but I’lll be launching “Done For Your Biz” custom stock photos very shortly.  With the addition of this to my website, I will start offering services to those bloggers and entrepreneurs who don’t want to be hassled with creating visual media.  This way they can remained focused on the content and working on what they’re good at. 

For how many years have you run a business alongside your regular job?

I started doing photography on the side about 3 years ago, but my passion for helping people is hard to break.  I’ve decided to combine my two passions into one and teach photography.  Now if I could only figure out how to incorporate skiing into this mix, I’d be set!!

Why did you decide to start a business?

I really want to work from home in order to spend more time with my son before he’s too old.  He’s currently in 8th grade and it won’t be long before he moves on to college and out on his own.  I want the freedom to be my own boss, make my own decisions and live life on my own terms.  Teaching photography, especially to bloggers seems like an amazing fit!

In your first 6 months of starting your business, please list out the top 3  pain points you struggled with:

1. Growing my email list.

2. Time management

3. Getting seen

How did you overcome these pain points?

I’m still working on building my email list.  It remains super small, but I’m working towards it by growing a Facebook group and building relationships inside it.  As for time management, I try to focus on work as often as I can.  For now that means listening to podcasts on my 45 minute commute each way.  Working on content at lunch.  Working at night and on the weekends as much as possible. It also means cutting out tv and movies with the exception of when I really need a break and when I’m spending time with my boyfriend.  As for getting seen, I am working hard at posting on the different social media platforms and interacting in relevant Facebook groups.

How good are you at delegating tasks to others?

HORRIBLE!! It’s just me.  I do everything!

Do you feel you have a good balance between your job, business and personal life. If yes, how did you achieve this? If no – why not?

No, I feel I spend too much time at work and traveling to and from.  Then, when I’m home I feel like I have so much to get done that I spend most of my time working on it when my son is around. 

What are your top 3 tips for people starting a business alongside their regular jobs?

1.  Be patient.

2.  Remain consistent and don’t give up.

3.  Niche down and find your avatar.

If you could change one thing about your start up process when you started your business what would that be?

I would’ve used a better WordPress theme from the beginning! I’m now going back to rework old posts so they are visually more appealing.

Do you have plans to transition to full time business owner? Why?

Definitely! I want to work from home, to spend more time wth my son and my boyfriend, and to have the freedom to live and work from wherever I want.

Link to freebie/promotion:

A free 5 day photo challenge to get people on the right track to taking better website photos; no fancy camera required!


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